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About Richard 

Richard Wallace is a self proclaimed "driven capitalist" - in recovery . He has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 6 when he sold roadside wildflowers to the neighbors for a dime.

After completing a Bachelors of Science in Bio-Psychology, he began his career in retail, where he developed competitive behavioral models across a reasonable population size. He also learned the art of creating and delivering training content in his role as Director of training and development for the multinational footwear retailer.


Following this Richard decided to pursue formal training in design in Florence and then spent the next decade and a half as a women's shoe designer.

After the footwear manufacturing industry closed in Canada, Wallace became interested in "extreme capitalism" or businesses in rapid growth and spent time with several multinational corporations in  leadership roles.


Having spent considerable time in rapid growth environments, he formed Eighteen11 a consulting practice supporting businesses in rapid growth through the impacts rapid growth place on a company specifically within its sulture and within areas including; customer expectation/experience, cashflow, sales leadership, human resource management.


Across a variety of business sectors often the primary mandate clients focused on was a desired outcome through practical leadership influencing culture, leadership and/or strategy. 

Recently,  Wallace  has turned his attention to writing and consulting to companies finding themselves in a locke between to lakes, business as usual and post covid new normal. These shifts in group culture can highlight the need for the evolution of the male leader and how we can make the best of the flawed system of capitalism. Currently he is researching the impact  social isolation & raised self awareness has had on  corporate culture. What has corporate leadership learned about altruism , communication, preparedness and transparency? How will these lessons impact workplace culture within a post pandemic "new normal"

"Invariably I have found where capitalism is open to and influenced by basic  principles of mindfulness- do unto others, do no harm, and so forth. there is a different focus in the perspective of the leadership.

Mindful capitalism rests on sutaianble business strtegies that are purpose driven and blance intrestes and priorities of all stakeholders in the success (long term value sustainability )of the enterprise.  


This is simply working to the best good possible within the currently accepted albeit flawed system.

Each individual case creates a place for the new skills required to achieve the evolved goal. But in the end its about changing the targets and rules so if we each play a part in the evolution rather than the extinction, then we stand to have a transition to an evovled system that would be transformational without as much conflict and upheaval .

If Mindful capitalism is simply  treating your team better great! if it's harvesting  only ethically responsible walnuts _ Super! If it's developing a counter culture paradigm to the current capitalist system and developing a student games model and raising awareness to practical steps to a better systems...….Then you go girl!" The point is that when business is leveraged for more than the short term KPI of qaurterly profits, it's value to the a future 


- Richard Wallace

And here's another of thing you may want to know about him...  Richard is NOT the kind of guy who would ever SELL or in any other way disrespect your email. If you take the time to subscribe or sign up for something on Richard' site rest assured he is not about treating that email as a source of revenue....oh no ! So thanks for signing up and we are super happy to have you in our community. 


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